My house is so darn hot

I thought that I was just ridiculous as a child, but it turns out things only get worse with age, then as an adult, I especially recognize like it’s quite the challenge to keep our beach beach house decluttered… I don’t have any idea what to do with all these accrued belongings, so I usually just try to tuck these little items away out of sight. At a particular point, however, it’s time to purge. That’s exactly why I decided to host a huge yard sale last month. I thought I could get rid of some of our own stuff, earn a dollar or two, plus scrub the beach house all at once. I didn’t realize that people would understand “yard sale” so literally. Apparently, that label gives people the impression that nothing in the yard is off limits. This is how our cooling system component was sold to some woman in a red hat, plus both of us were left with no central cooling system to cool the house, and you see, I left to get more change for the cash box, leaving my fifteen year aged kid in charge. Getting the quarters took longer than expected, plus when I returned to the sale, I realized without delay that the beach house was feeling tepid plus stagnant. I turned down the control component and skipped on outside to help with the sale, thinking nothing of the AC not seeming to keep the house cool. At the end of the day, both of us all packed up plus went back inside the home, at which point I found the indoor air temperature to be super hot! Every one of us were all quite beside ourselves, since all both of us wanted was to relax in comfortable cool air conditioning. That’s when our daughter’s aggravated voice rose above the chatter, stating “If you didn’t want the beach house to be so darn hot, I don’t recognize why both of us put up the central cooling system for sale.”

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