We are dealing with the problems

When I got laid off from my old job, it took months before I found something new. Luckily, a warehouse distributor in our area was opening up an entire third shift. They were going to start running production all day and all night. Up to this point, they only had employees on first and second shifts. They were going to hire 75 new employees, and I was one of them. The job started a couple of weeks ago, and it has been difficult. I got stuck in the produce department, where the temperatures are 34 degrees. I am constantly stocking boxes with lettuce, celery, and fresh beets. I have a jacket, but my hands and feet are still very cold. There is no heat inside the large coolers. My fellow co-workers and I have been finding it very difficult to get warm. After spending 4 hours in the cold, not even standing in front of the heater works. Our break room has two heaters, so the produce crew usually hangs out in front of them. During my lunch break, sometimes I go out and sit in the car for the hour. I can turn on the heater and even take a small nap. Since we get a nice long 60 Minute lunch break,  I don’t feel bad about turning on the car and using the heater. The night time temperatures are starting to get colder, and it’s going to get even more difficult to spend all night in a cold refrigerator. Thankfully the money and benefits are really nice, because this job is going to wear me out quickly.

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