I don’t even have an issue

After dealing with a whole bunch of problems with my furnace and air conditioner, I’ve learned the importance of the duct system.  A duct system that is properly designed and sealed provides a more comfortable, energy efficient and cleaner home. When my energy bills steadily increased every month, I originally blamed the heating and cooling equipment.  I consulted with a local HVAC professional and realized that leaks in the ducts were responsible. Investing in duct sealing and insulation greatly improved the comfort of the home. Instead of rooms that were constantly too hot in the summer and chilly in the winter, my family now enjoys a more even temperature.  We also benefit from healthier indoor air quality. Dust, fumes from the garage, insulation particles and all sorts of contaminants were entering the duct system through small holes, aggravating my daughter’s asthma and causing all of us headaches and flu-like symptoms. Duct sealing reduces the risk of pollutants getting circulated through the home and protects against backdrafting.  During regular operation, appliances such as water heaters, furnaces and clothes dryers produce combustion gases, which can be drawn back into the living space and then introduced into breathing air. There’s also the cost savings. Rather than allowing my heated and cooled air to escape, the furnace and air conditioner now operate at peak efficiency, trimming monthly costs. The duct sealing process isn’t overly expensive, invasive or time-consuming.  It usually takes a few hours and requires the HVAC contractor to close off all of the supply and return vents. He then blows pressurized air laced with adhesive particles into the duct system. As the air escapes through holes and imperfections, the adhesive particles buildup until the leaks are sealed.

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