I love a tropical climate

Having lived in a variety of climates I’ve come to understand the value of reliable air conditioning and heating. At first glance it’s pretty basic; in cold climates, stay warm. In hot climates, stay cool. But there’s more to it than that.

Sub-freezing temperatures are not just a challenge to comfort. A malfunctioning or inefficient heater could mean life or death. On the practical side, it can also mean wasted dollars. HVAC techs are highly trained and their hourly rates, while deserved, are considerable. The cost of heating fuel, HVAC equipment, maintenance and repair, adds up to a significant part of monthly living costs.

Having experienced warm and tropical climates in later years, I’ve come to better appreciate the value of air conditioning. Comfort is always key, but in hot climates where temperatures are stifling during some parts of the year air conditioning is as crucial to health as heating. A person’s ability to tolerate high temperatures varies, depending on any number of conditions such as age, health and work environment. Try getting a good night’s sleep on a hot, humid, breezeless evening when you need to be at your best for work the next day. Try spending that next day completing important work in a stuffy, poorly ventilated or non-air conditioned room.

Additionally, an efficient HVAC system provides air quality not available in unconditioned environments. Pollen, dirt, traffic exhaust, etc., these things exist in any air not being heated or conditioned. The ability to filter or clean the air, provided by a well-maintained system, can be as important as the temperature.

Come heat or cold weather, efficient and professionally maintained heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems do make a significant difference; in your comfort, in your health and in your wallet.

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