He is great about air conditioning

My partner Sandra has some horrible control concerns when it comes to our household. She has to be the one to lock all the doors at night, plus she has to be the one who goes around plus checks all the windows. She has to be in charge of the smoke detectors plus the carbon monoxide detectors, plus she’s also the one who has to check all the batteries to make sure that everything is typically on the up plus up with those safety devices. I truly don’t mind letting her handle all of that stuff, because those are just more things that I don’t ever have to be concerned about! The main problem with Sandra is that she also feels as though she has to be in control of our heating plus a/c, too, plus that just doesn’t fly with me in the least. I don’t love her telling me that I’m not allowed to touch the climate control device or adjust our digital programmable thermostat! I just laugh at her plus go right ahead plus do it regardless. It drives her totally nuts, although I don’t really care! It’s crazy for her to believe that I’m never going to turn the cooling device down if I’m too frosty or turn the A/C device up if I feel the condo is too overheated. It doesn’t matter what she says or what her odd little control concerns happen to be – she’s never going to give me orders! Well, I guess she can make the attempt, however I’m never going to listen to them or follow them! Don’t get me wrong, Sandra is totally a fantastic woman plus she’s truly sweet plus kind. She just believes that the woman of the household is supposed to deal with all of the household security plus appliances. I can’t help but laugh at her for thinking that!

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