Bickering over the heating and air

I’ve been wanting to go on a road trip with my cousin for a long while. It just seems as though the timing never works out right! There always seems to be something going on with labor or with family commitments and occasionally I get around to wondering if we will ever get to actually hit the road and go on the road trip of our dreams for an excellent adventure! The last time the two of us got to go on a road trip was way back when we were in school. The people I was with and I drove across the midwest section of the nation and it took us roughly 2 weeks to do it! What I remember most about the trip was the way that every one of us would argue and bicker over the heating and air conditioner device settings in the car. My cousin always wished to have the heating working and so she would set the thermostat in the vehicle incredibly high! She would also turn on all the seat heating devices and aim the heating vents right into our faces! This would’ve been all good with me, if the temperatures outside had been really cold, but every one of us drove across country in the summertime when every one of us were on a break from school! I told my cousin that there was apparently something going on with her internal heating mechanisms in her body, because there was no reason for anyone to need the heating to be running all the time. Well, of course, she got aggravated towards myself and others because I wished to have the air conditioner device turned on just like a normal person! I finally gave up and let her steam myself and others out of the car.

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