Backed the HVAC truck

Just the other day I was driving around the neighborhood running errands plus minding my own business… I was parked at the bank plus getting ready to go in plus make a few deposits when I noticed this heating plus A/C device repair truck pulling into the parking lot. I thought it was no big deal, really. I assumed that the Heating plus Air Conditioning device worker driving the truck was just there to do some banking while on her breakfast hour or something. Then she backed the Heating plus Air Conditioning truck right behind my car! She parked it in such a way that I would never be able to get out of the parking lot, either! I thought it was entirely rude. I jumped out of my automobile plus went over to the Heating plus Air Conditioning device truck plus asked her politely to please transfer her truck someplace else. She just looked at me as though I had 2 heads plus then she said that there was nowhere else for her to park plus I’d just have to wait until she was done inside the bank! The nerve of this Heating plus Air Conditioning worker was simply unbelievable! I asked her if her time was more important than mine was, for some reason plus do you know how she replied? She told me smugly that if I ever had to have a heating plus A/C device specialist over to my household to repair my central A/C or my gas furnace, after that I should know precisely how much her time was worth! And that it was absolutely worth more than mine could ever be! Well, I don’t know for certain if this particular heating plus A/C repair worker was just having a terrible day or what, although I could’ve just punched her right then and there. Instead, I went back to my automobile plus called the number on the Heating plus Air Conditioning truck plus reported her to her boss. How rude of that lady.

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