More miserable now

You just never know how life is going to turn out, do you? Every one of us started out in a tiny little condo with no heating or a/c device in it. Every one of us literally had to use electric space furnaces to keep warm when the temperatures outside started cooling off plus it got too nippy in the condo. Then in the summertime, the temperature in the condo got so swelteringly overheated that all of us had to open up all the windows plus use electric fans plus ceiling fans just to get a little bit of a cross breeze going in the condo. The summertime was even more miserable than the wintertime in that condo. I guess heating is easier to come by than cooling, especially when you’re living in a dumpy seasoned run-down condo! Well, all of us became so obsessed with heating plus cooling that my hubby made the decision to go back to college to become an HVAC professional! Once he became certified in gas furnace devices, A/C, plus ventilation services, he ended up opening his own HVAC supply plus repair company. So now, in the condo that all of us purchased a few years ago, all of us have brand new, state of the art heating plus A/C equipment. Not only that, but all of us also have a smart digital thermostat, modern ventilation ducts plus air ducts, plus even an amazing air purification system that all of us can control remotely. Back when we were newlyweds in that bad condo, I never would have dreamed that all of us would have the HVAC device in our place that all of us have today! You honestly just never know.

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