Hurricane and HVAC

Maybe it’s my imagination, however it seems as though hurricane season gets a little worse every year. That is easy for myself and others to say now, I suppose, because of how much damage this last weather system inflicted upon my property! Hurricane Edna punished my whole region, so I didn’t get it any worse than my neighbors did. We all got hit pretty hard. Larry from up the street had a tree come down on his roof, plus Fred the next block over had many windows broken by a bunch of debris! I lost power, telephones, plus running water, however at least my house is alright… Without electricity, working toilets, plus an air conditioner device it really doesn’t feel much like an actual home any longer. It is shelter for the most part, plus keeps myself and others out of the elements. If I had the money I would go check into a hotel so I could overdose on the air conditioner device. Hurricane season is basically an evil blend of torrential storms plus excessively high heating plus humidity. There are certain times when it feels like you are walking around wrapped in a wet wool blanket, so I might have preferred a tree on the roof to losing my AC device. I would invest in a portable generator, just to get the Heating plus A/C device up plus running for a little while, however that won’t work honestly. A central Heating plus A/C device similar to mine requires more juice than a little generator can provide. I would need to purchase an enormous generator in order to get my air conditioner device working again, plus if I can’t afford a hotel room I absolutely can’t afford that.

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