Working to afford a new AC

It seems as though I can never make any money doing what I absolutely love. The outdated saying goes something like “do what you prefer plus you never work a day in your life” however that is honestly wrong in several ways. Whenever I write for delight I get nothing from it, nothing in the least. When I write for business magazines about dusty, dry topics I actually get paid. Even though I prefer writing, plus I prefer money, I never get any money for writing the things I absolutely adore! Recently I had a lot of extra expenses, so I have had to work a lot of extra freelance work to spend money for the current Heating plus A/C device I need. Any amount of hard work is worth it in order to get this outdated piece of junk out of my household plus have a nice current fully functioning a/c device installed. This current one is so terrible, so out of date, with such weak cooling power it can barely affect more than one room at a time. I have taken to closing all the air vents, plus only leaving the ones to my home office open. At least that way one of my rooms has cooling. So I do my writing from my home office nowadays, working on my PC, kneeling directly under the only working cooling vent in the whole household. I need to put in another month or so of extra work to afford the down payment for the current Heating plus A/C device, plus I seriously cannot wait for that day to arrive.

ac care plan