Old smell in the house

My child has been looking for a new household to live for many weeks!  She invited me to go with her to check a few out and I thought they were rather lovely.  She always seemed to find fault with these places for one reason or another and I couldn’t understand.  Most of the venues she was looking at were in the historic district and they all had lovely woodwork and stained glass windows.  The hardwood floors were absolutely spectacular… Finally, after the second venue in a week, I asked her what the issue undoubtedly was.  She finally told me that there was an “odor” in all the venues and she just couldn’t deal with it. I was confused so I asked her what “odor” she was referring to.  She said, “you know, the Grandma odor”, I didn’t know so I had to have her explain. She said that they all had that smell of old people. I had to laugh because I guess she was talking about the odor of ancient woodwork, old drapes, and mostly an old HVAC device.  I told her that a coat of paint, new drapes, and a good cleaning and tune up on the heating device would help get rid of that odor. I guess that having a fresh odoring house is important and I totally understood her reservations when it came to moving in. I gave her the number of the company and HVAC technician that we had used before.  I told her to give them a call and get estimates on having the services handled. Then, when she negotiated the cost of her new venue she could factor those into the final price.

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