Heating and air back home

My partner and I have been on holiday for a little over more than four days now on a small tropical island, and it has been the most amazing trip either of us have ever been on in our twenty years of being together. The main reason why he and I have been having such an amazing time is due to the lack of kids to always annoy us as well as ask for money. My partner and I have four children, but for this holiday he and I decided to get some alone time as well as leave them back in the northwest… Then my personal favorite thing about the trip has been our hotel room: it is an all inclusive hotel, as well as the rooms are to die for! The rooms come with a built in state of the art heating and cooling unit that adjusts automatically to your everyday preferences. After a few mornings of setting the temperature to what you like, it automatically starts to learn your heating and cooling rhythms as well as does all of the work for you. It’s like my partner and I have some kind of high tech robot butler in our room! The two of us can enjoy a beautiful view of the beach from our balcony. The balcony is closed in, so every single night my partner and I have a drink and watch the sunset in the beautiful A/C, without having to worry about any pesky mosquitoes biting us. I suppose he and I\ have been a bit spoiled by this state of the art heating and cooling technology; after this, I am never going to want to go back to our condo in the unpredictable and frigid northwest!

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