Our muggy southern weather

Living down in the south for the Summer was quite an experience! Being from the northwest, I had only seen what life in the south could be in our country from films and cable shows. Though I thought that it would be warm, breezy, and have gorgeous men walking all over town, when I went down to live there for the Summer however, girl was I wrong… Instead of it being super sizzling and breezy, it was just boiling and muggy. Going outside was a burden unless you were in a car equipped with the most powerful air conditioner. There also were not any gorgeous guys walking anywhere in town, because they were all hiding inside or wherever an air conditioner was, just as I was doing! Where I lived didn’t make my four weeks living down in the south any better also. My rental house was legitimately small and reeked of smoke for some reason. It was not equipped with a legitimately powerful heating and cooling unit. My property owner said that it was a “labor in progress” but it would get the task done and keep me cool during our time down here in the south! She was far off on that prediction! Now that I am back in the north, I’m astonished at how much I took being in the chilly seasons for granted! Sure it sucks when you are chilly, but at least you can solve that remedy easily. If it’s too hot, all you can do is take off all of your clothes or just pray that an AC component is nearby!

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