The smart HVAC choice

I want to build the perfect home for my family, despite the fact that I am so unsure about so various things. First off, I don’t have a set number for how many rooms we really need! Do I truly want a home office as well as a man-cave? My fiance says if I decide to add those to the house, then she is getting a craft room too. My fiance and I have 2 kids, and we have no intention to have anymore. Despite this, I am still unsure if I should build just three bedrooms, or extra ones? I truly don’t know. A guest bedroom sounds great, but I’m not convinced we’ll use it often once our children move away. I also am not sure about the heating and cooling I want to install either! As my fiance and I research, she and I are finding out all kinds of options. First off, I have never known they could use the earth’s ground to provide not only heating in the winter, but also air conditioning in the summer. Apparently just a few feet beneath the ground, everywhere it’s particularly ground, the earth is around 74 degrees. Water can then be further heated to supply heat to your modern farmhouse similar to a boiler. Using this heated water, you can distribute this warmth through hydronic heating. I’ve always wanted heated flooring, so this is an awesome benefit to me. Then because the ground is doing a lot of the work to heat the water, it’s going to save a ton of money on the energy bill. I am also interested in other eco-friendly heating methods such as using solar panels. Albeit the cost of installing a gas boiler would be far less than installing either of the other 2, I remain convinced that the lower energy cost will justify the expense.  

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