Trying to get a classic Jap car

When I initially discovered that I could drive a classic Japanese car for less money than purchasing a new one, I was absolutely glad.  I have always been drawn to this type of automobile as well as wished to own one for myself. The importer that I went through had a fairly wonderful track record as well as I even found someone I could talk to directly that had a great deal of success with the process.  Finding the perfect car was relatively easy. I even signed the agreement with the shipping business. Then, the importer set about the task of having the car delivered to the port that would bring it across the ocean. Their representative in Japan had a lot of difficulty with the original seller.  It took more than two weeks for them to deliver the car to the port for shipment. Part of this was due to a severe language barrier but, the whole thing made myself and others absolutely nervous. I had wired a large amount of money to the importer as well as basically had to have complete faith that the car would arrive safely at my household.  Many of my friends as well as family were entirely skeptical about the process as well as felt that I had just wasted all of that money. My dad even said that I may as well have burned it because I would actually never see the car! I did, however, keep receiving emails as well as new forms to fill out so I felt that the process was still moving forward.  When I finally got confirmation that the car had been loaded on the ship that would bring it to me, I was informed that the ship was supposed to leave port about 2 weeks later… This whole process is especially lengthy. If you are buying a car for everyday use, you should probably go purchase a good one locally. If you are similar to myself as well as buying a collector car, it is well worth the wait as well as process to have the ideal car.

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