Radon resistant home

Are you currently  in the process of building a new home.  Although you may not realize it, once the construction of the house is complete, you may have a health threat in the basement.  Before you need to deal with mitigating the problem, take the necessary steps to build a house that is effectively radon-resistant.  This is going to prevent a lot of worry, aggravation and risk. In the long run, investing in measures to prevent radon will save you a lot of time, effort and money.  It is cost-effective to install a passive radon control system, prior to the new home build. You simply install four inches of gravel below the concrete slab that will make up the basement of your home.  Cover the gravel with plastic. After that, pour the foundation. The plastic sheeting will prevent radon gas from infiltrating the home. You need to take extra care sealing all of the cracks in the foundation and walls.  This not only combats radon concentrations, but it will also help to make the home more energy efficient and environmentally responsible. Install a four inch diameter pipe from the floor of the concrete to the roof, to safely vent gas from the soil to the outside atmosphere.  You can also add an attic vent to further pull any radon gas out of the house. This uses similar principles to a vacuum cleaner. This is a secondary type of active radon control. You don’t have to react once a problem exists. You can easily prevent radon concerns before they get started.        

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