Cutting those HVAC costs

When I was looking into ways to improve the energy efficiency of our home, I came across adding attic insulation.  The attic is designed to provide a protective barrier against cold, heat ad also humidity. Proper insulation is essential to comfort, air quality and also energy efficiency all year round.  Since heating and cooling add up to about fifty percent of the home’s energy consumption, any system of improvement is worthwhile. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, insulating the attic, floors and also crawl spaces properly saves an average of 15% on heating and also cooling costs.  I figured it out, and I am supposed to expect to trim approximately more than seven hundred dollars per year. Insulating the attic is also beneficial when it comes to the full structural integrity of the home. It can prevent gradual injuries to the house caused by heat and also moisture. The insulation stops water vapor from seeping into the space and eroding the walls, and also reduces heat buildup within the attic space, which can lead to problems with the roof.  Attic insulation helps to avoid ice dams from forming when melting snow freezes on the roof’s edge. There’s also benefits to air quality, because insulating the attic safeguards against the effects of condensation ad of course the growth of mold and its counterpart, mildew. I hired a local heating, ventilation and A/C supplier who specializes in attic insulations services for an estimate. The process was reasonable and also non-invasive with no mess or injury to the home.  The insulation was blown-in, using virgin fiberglass loose particles, which thankfully have no chemicals or additives. The insulation doesn’t give off any odor or aggravate pollen or allergy irritations, and finally, it provides an effective moisture barrier.