Need to add another furnace

The winter weather in my local area is pretty severe.  The temperature frequently drops below zero, and with the added severe wind chill, it’s downright dangerous to spend time outdoors, especially at night.  Although the summertime season is brief, we endure temperatures in the high eighties and with excess humidity. In-between, the fall and spring weather is somewhat chilly and damp.  Since we require some type of indoor temperature control nearly all year round, energy efficiency is definitely a priority for us. My home is equipped with a sleek dual fuel system, which partners a standard forced air gas furnace with an electric heat pump.  This type of system is rather costly to purchase and install, but it pays for itself through energy savings. The heat pump acts much like a conventional cooling system while in the summer time months too. It operates by literally transfering heat from a single locale to another, and provides exceptional efficiency ratings, air filtration, and also dehumidification.  When the outside temperature starts to drop, the heat pump reverses operation. It manages to find ambient heat in outdoor air, compresses it to a higher temperature, and pumps it into the house. There is also no combustion process of any kind, and absolutely no problem with dangerous fumes, hot surfaces, or byproducts such as carbon monoxide. Plus, this type of heating doesn’t overly dry the air either  The heat pump is far more energy efficient than the gas furnace, but only effective until the temperature dips below 35. At that point, the gas furnace automatically takes over, handling drastic weather conditions for as long as necessary. The combination of equipment lessens the workload of each, maximizes energy efficiency, and reduces environmental impact. I save currency while enjoying perfect year round temperature.