This makes me nervous

The day had finally arrived when I had promised our sibling that I would watch her boys for the night, and well, I figured it couldn’t be all that bad, of course, I was wrong. These boys were practically bouncing off the walls. While I would be after a single of them the other would be causing some sort of chaos, a little into the night, I realized that the house was blazing hot, but i hastily checked the control unit plus seen that it was cranked to 95 degrees! I hastily turned it back to 70 plus had to yell at the child for messing with the control unit. I sat the boys down plus went over some rules. I told them not to mess with the things around the house, they could only play with the toys. They said they wanted to play a game, so every one of us got the board games. With some of their favorite music playing plus us playing together on the board games, it wasn’t so bad. A little later every one of us even played some games on the playstation system. They legitimately were focused on the games so much, plus they weren’t running around like wild children anymore. It was almost like they weren’t the same boys that I was seeing previously. I think that you just have to get adjusted to them plus things will be alright. After I put them down to sleep, our sibling came later to option them up! She seen that they were sleeping quietly plus asked myself and others how things went. I told her everything about them running around deranged plus messing with the control unit, although she was glad when she learned that I was able to get them under control. When she asked if I would have them stay the night, I said “No way, please take them!”

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