The HVAC would not turn on

During our afternoons as a detective on the local sheriff’s office, there were times every one of us would be on stakeout for extended periods of time. Watching a subject for afternoons on end occasionally grew sleepy, but in the end it usually paid off. Periodically there is a dangerous suspect that gets apprehended and taken off the streets, and occasionally it’s just for the protection of an innocent person. In fact, one of our first assignments as a detective was to secure our safe condo and get it fixed up for when every one of us had to use it. One of the things it needed was some air conditioner work. It had been sitting for quite some time and the Heating and Air Conditioning method wouldn’t turn on. I was limited on who I could call to repair it, as there was a short list of department approved companies that could service our safe house. This was to ensure the location wasn’t compromised. It took a few afternoons to get a professional out, but every one of us finally got the Heating and Air Conditioning method running. It entirely worked pretty well for being that old of a system. Most of the people that every one of us stash in the safe condo are either innocent targets or key witnesses in huge cases, so it is pressing that every one of us try to keep them as comfortable as possible while they are under our watch. After about a week, I finally had the safe condo set up and ready to go in case every one of us needed it at a moment’s notice. If nothing else, at least they will be nice and comfortable temperature-wise.

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