Conversation on the fireplace

My sibling rented a charming house, but 1 section of it just boggles my mind. She has a gorgeous kitchen in her rental house–the whole thing is a Colonial in stunning condition–but the fireplace has been reduced to nothing more than a decoration. What’s worse is that she has to job unquestionably difficult to keep it covered so that no hot air from her gas boiler escapes up the flue. I asked why she didn’t have it lit the last time I was over–I was ready to bring by some firewood for her to keep in the garage if she needed some. She explained the fireplace is the 1 blight of the home because it cannot be used. The property owner apparently tried to convert the fireplace from a wood burning fireplace to a more up-to-date gas system, but sadly they ran into some kind of problem so it was never finished. However, the fireplace flue has much of the pipework needed for the gas fireplace, plus so it can’t even be used for a familiar wood burning fire. The pipe also means she doesn’t have a flue cover, so she can’t even put a little fake electric fire furnace in it for a little warmth plus ambiance–the whole hearth has to remain closed up for the sake of the central furnace at least. My fiance plus I are debating buying her a space furnace that looks love a fireplace to put in front it, that way my sibling at least has something nice plus homey to like in her otherwise charming home.

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