Variety of temperature preferences

I share a house with three other women. Thankfully, it’s a four-bedroom house, so we each have our own separate space. There’s a washer and dryer, so we set times for who would be using them at what days and times. We also have a schedule for cleaning the main rooms of the house, such as the kitchen, living room and bathrooms. But when it comes to our individual temperature preferences, there’s no such calendar to settle the issue! We spoke to our landlord about the possibility of installing zone heating in our bedrooms to address the problem, and he said that he’d look into it. He actually got back to us within a few days after meeting with an HVAC contractor. The guy gave our landlord some pamphlets on zone heating so that we all knew what would be involved. Come to find out, zoning allows you to precisely control the temperature in every room, or zone, of the house by placing a thermostat in each of the rooms and an automatic damper in the ducts controlling airflow to each room. There would naturally be an initial installation cost involved with a zoned heating system, but in the end it actually saves money on the utility bill. Why waste heating and cooling on rooms that no one is using? For example, no one is in the downstairs living area during the night, so why heat or cool it? The zone system allows you to set the thermostat cooler at night in the living area, while each of the occupants sets their bedrooms to a customized temperature in which they like to sleep. Our landlord actually was sold on the idea, and within a month we were happily enjoying the benefits.

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