I can’t believe how high the temperature is getting

Camping with friends is something that has a unusual connotation with each decade of your life, then as a young child, camping is legitimately less fun and more horror, as bugs, wildlife, and the generally silent woods around you are frightening and unpleasant! As a teenager, camping is more boring than anything else since you’re not one to fish, hike or enjoy the outdoors at all! Finally, camping in your twenties is the peak of shenanigans in the fantastic outdoors! For me it was, at least, however i didn’t care for camping as a teenager or younger child, but I really care about it now that I’m in my late twenties! My friends and I always go to this campsite about several hours from town, and everyone of us go all out with fishing rods, hiking gear, survival tools and component drills, and of course – plenty of alcohol! More pressing than any of those things, of course, was the portable furnace that every one of us all enjoyed dearly. It was our most prized possession while out in the woods, and it was little more than a glorified heat lamp. It was safer than a space furnace since it was limited on output, but it was even better at warming our tent than the campfire itself, but that might be because the heat radiating from the campfire couldn’t reach our tents, but it was pretty warm! Either way, that portable furnace did a lot of fantastic for us in the woods. It also ran on propane gas, so it was simple to keep lit separate from needing access to a power outlet. This thing was so fantastic at warming us up, every one of us often brought out the portable furnace just to hang out at someone’s backyard and keep warm. I can’t wait for our next camping trip!

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