They can count on me

The past many summers, I’ve  earned some extra money by waitressing at a local beach bar.  The bar is located just steps from the lake, and is a popular spot for lunch, lunch and drinks in the night.  There’s often a live band or DJ, and I make quite a bit in tips. I am happy with the minutes I work, and am friends with the people I task with.  My only complaint with the task is the constant fluctuation in temperature. The beach bar features both an indoor and outdoor seating area for customers.  The inside seating area is kept cool with a commercial a/c unit. Because the door to the outside is regularly opening and letting in heat and humidity, the control equipment is set severely low.  The cooling system blasts at maximum capacity at all times. There are many vents located in the ceiling, which make it impossible to escape the steady stream of cold cold air. As a waitress, I always have customers both inside and outside.  Outside, the temperature is normally in the high eighties with excessive humidity. Although the customers benefit from the shade of big umbrellas, the task staff is exposed to the sun. I’ve already gotten a sunburn on my face, simply from finally working the lunch shift.  It’s necessary to head back and forth between the bar, kitchen and outdoor area. I switch between nearly cold to death to covered in sweat profusely. It’s super unpleasant, and I’m sure it waste a tremendous amount of energy. The more all of us open the door, the more cool air escapes outside.  To minimize the workload of the cooling system, I suppose the waitresses should either task exclusively indoors or outdoors.

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