I knew that would go great

I have a large, older home and it tends to be drafty in the winter and overheated in the summer.  Insufficient insulation and high ceilings cause the heating and cooling system to struggle to maintain an even temperature.  The majority of my budget goes directly to indoor temperature control. The situation is made even worse because the ductwork runs through the attic and is impacted by the temperature.  The attic tends to be extremely hot and sticky in the summer, and freezing cold in the winter. About a year ago, when an HVAC professional was handling the regular maintenance of the air conditioner, he suggested I upgrade the attic insulation.  His company specializes in blown-in insulation which minimizes labor-costs, disruption to the home and mess. The blown-in insulation conforms to odd shapes to provide a superior seal. I hired the HVAC technician to come back in the fall and ensure that the attic is properly insulated and ventilated. The process successfully trimmed thirty percent off my annual energy costs.  The furnace and air conditioner no longer run for such extensive cycles and more easily manage comfort levels. Because of reducing wear and tear, I expect the heating and cooling equipment to operate more reliability and last longer. The upgrade in insulation has also eliminated drafts, hot and cold spots and minimized temperature stratification. I’ve noticed less issues with excess humidity in the summer, and the house even smells better.  I don’t need to clean as often, because there’s far less dust floating around in the air. I am not looking for other strategies I can take to improve the energy efficiency, comfort and air quality of my home.

HVAC maintenance plan