That was a quick decision

When it feels like you are stuck between a rock and hard place you just want someone to come to your rescue.  For me, my HVAC technician was my hero when he suggested that I replace my HVAC system. I know what you are thinking, he was just trying to make the sale, but, he really had a good argument. I was a tough decision at first because of the cost involved, but, when he broke down the savings on repair bills, energy use, and time I would get by putting in the unit, it made total sense to me. I was stuck in a situation because my energy bills and repair bills that I ended up with annually, I couldn’t save money for a new system.  As much sense as it made to upgrade, I just didn’t see how I was ever going to afford it. Thankfully, my technician told me about a program that I qualified for that would give me an entire year to pay off the new system without any interest charges. His company was the financier for the program so I didn’t even have to go to the bank or anything. It was perfect! The money I saved on energy costs and repairs would help me to make the payments and if I picked up one extra shift a week at work, I could pay it off early. This is why I tell people that my HVAC technician is my hero.  He really changed by situation for the better. I have a reliable system, that I can afford, and it is very efficient.

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