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When the World Series was is there is no talking to my family. I live with a bunch of baseball fanatics and they will only talk about the play by play all day long.  My dad, in particular, takes quite seriously any negative opinion about his team. Because he has followed them since he was a boy, he was super excited when they made it into the final games.  The rest of the family decided to try and get him tickets to one of the games. They drove to the city where the game was being played and checked into their hotel room. The day of the game they woke up excited for the big event.  When mom looked out the window it was pouring rain. Dad turned on the news to see if the game had been delayed. Thankfully, the field had been covered and they expected gray skies only by game time. After finding their seats they realized quickly that the damp cold stadium was going to be very uncomfortable. Mom sat there complaining and making Dad miserable.  He finally asked her if she wanted to go back to the hotel. She was excited until she realized that he meant for her to go back without him. He said that there was no way he was going to miss the game of a lifetime just because it was a bit cold and damp. I think he would have sat through a full blown snow storm before he left the stadium. Mom ended up staying but standing up inside the concession area to keep warm.  They had the large heaters going to try and keep all the customers happy. They were similar to those you may see at a hockey game with big blowers on either end. Mom watched the game on the big screen televisions they had on the walls and was glad when the game finally ended.

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