It is freezing out here

This past winter, my brother and his wife took an extended vacation to a tropical island.  They were gone for the entire month of January, and asked me to stay at their house. During my stay, the outside temperature was consistently below freezing, and frequently dropped down to twenty below zero.  The wind chill made the weather feel even colder, and we accumulated four feet of snow on the ground. In my cramped little apartment, I am accustomed to bundling up in layers of sweaters, heavy socks and slippers.  I set the thermostat as low as possible, sleep under a heated blanket, and pay very high monthly heating bills. There are drafts and cold spots in every room, and the floors feel like ice under my feet. My brother’s home is equipped with radiant flooring throughout every room.  Heated floors are the ultimate in luxury. I was able to walk barefoot and wear T-shirts and feel perfectly warm. With a lower thermostat settings and far lower utility bills, my brother’s home was way more comfortable. The heating equipment is totally concealed beneath the floor, taking up no space and never detracting from the decor.  The radiant floors are virtually silent, extremely clean, and require no maintenance. With separate thermostats in each room, I could set the temperature to my needs and preference. There’s no need to heat empty areas, which saved money on the monthly bills. No matter how cold the weather outside, the house was always wonderfully warm. At the end of my stay, I was reluctant to move back into my chilly apartment.

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