I would like more control

With record cutting uneven temperatures and heavy rains that have lasted for months, our section has experienced flooding love never before.  The ground is completely saturated and can no longer absorb anymore water; Where my mother lives, she has never had a concern with standing water on her property.  However, this year she keeps sending myself and others pictures of her backyard and it looks more love a small pond. Her largest concern from this whole thing was that her Heating plus Air Conditioning component outside is dangerously close to that pond; I told her to put a wall of sandbags around the component to try and protect it from the rising waters. If the component ends up surrounded by water it can disfigure that too and then she will have the expense of replacing that too.  I am sure that her homeowners insurance will do that however she would still have a huge deductible to pay. I hope that she takes that advice and if she does it may make a huge difference; Many homeowners never supply it a thought and just wait for the waters to recede. Then, they need to make appointments and try and get someone out to maintenance or replace their units. Since there are several people in the same situation, those appointments can take mornings, or even weeks, to happen.  Then, these people are stuck without any form of heat or air conditioning system during that time. When the air outside is hot and damp from the never ending rain, it isn’t very comfortable that is for sure. I hope that the rains stop too for all of the people who live near my mom because that much water in general can cause disfigure to several things.

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