The thermostat should already be set

Working out in a gym is nothing like working out in the sun and heat. When I go to the gym, I do an upright bike for almost an hour. I have gotten good on that upright bike. I can go super fast, up hills and keep a steady clip. Since I am so conditioned in peddling and keeping my speed, I figured I was a natural biker. I bought a real bike to ride outside for working out. Well, I am actually terrible at riding a real bike. I always feel like I am going to fall off and tip over. Also, the hills are not like the hills I do at the gym. It hurts way more than I thought. The worst is the lack of climate control. I did not realize how AC affected a work out. I peddle indoors with perfect amounts of air conditioning blasting on me. I get quality cooling the entire hour and never break a big sweat. Outside the sun is just brutal. The sunshine, hot pavement and no AC wear on me after awhile. I get so gross and sweaty that I can’t stand to bike for another five minutes. I can do an hour in a gym with perfect temperature control. Outside with no form of air conditioning, I can do maybe 30 minutes without being super whiney and angry. I really need to not be as dependent on AC. I think it is better for me to sweat out the toxins and get sunshine during a workout. I should not be so reliant on temperature control for my work out.

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