I’m just happy to have an air purifier

It’s funny how mowing the lawn can make the air so dusty.  I thinks its because he goes through the driveway that isn’t paved, but he won’t admit that.   Either way, I have dust all over everything in my house. If it were summer, I could turn on the air conditioning, and the air purification system would clear the dust out of the house.  Since it is still spring, I leave the windows open. I dust my bedroom every other day, because I see the settled dust all over everything. I imagine that the dust is on my bed covers so I shake them out every day, before I get into bed.  In a way, I wish it were hot enough to turn on the air conditioner, so I don’t have as much work to do. I even offered a dust rag to my mom so she had something to do, but she says she can’t do the job because of her allergies. We have a portable air purifier for the house, but as much dust as comes into the house, it doesn’t do a lot of good.  I turned it on, and even though the dust is still present, as least we can still all breathe. The air purifier really was a great purchase for us. I used to suffer with my allergies, from the first bud that appeared in the trees and on the flowers. The windows would be shut and I was in agony. The portable air purifier has helped to eliminate over ninety percent of the allergens, even with the windows open.  I don’t know what I did before the air purifier.