This sun is blazing

During the last weekend, we decided to perform some spring cleaning. We started in the garage, and spent all of Saturday cleaning the shelves and throwing away junk. Sunday morning, we cleaned all of the air vents in the house. My hubby removed them with a screwdriver, and we soaked them in a warm bath of soapy water. A lot of folks like to use bleach, but I prefer vinegar and a little dish soap. Bleach leaves a distinct odor in the air, once the HVAC unit is back up and running. While the air vents were soaking, my hubby used a shop vacuum to remove the debris and dust from inside the air duct. We found a lot more dust than we anticipated. The air ducts were filled with dust, dog hair, and a lot of sticky greasy substance. We probably spent four hours cleaning all of the ductwork and air vents. After they soaked in warm water for an hour, they cleaned up nicely. At the end of the day, we put all of the air vents back in their spots. We also changed the air filter on the HVAC system. This morning, I was working at my desk. I noticed a significant difference in the indoor air flow. My computer is located underneath one of our air vents. I had to wear a jacket this morning, because of the cold air flow. Removing the junk from inside the air vents, has really changed the airflow. Even though it took all weekend to clean the air quality components, I’m really happy to see, feel, and smell the results.

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