My daughter seems to be serious

I couldn’t believe it, my daughter was dating our HVAC technician. I mean, I should have seen it over the years, she would always be trying to flirt with the man when he would come over to work on our HVAC equipment. He was a young guy and I have to admit, he is good at what he does. But it really threw me off when he started dating my daughter. My wife actually knew before I did and she was thrilled about it. She thought they were a perfect match. My daughter was in college and lately, it seems she is more interested in the heating and cooling industry because of this young man. I think it would be great if she went into the HVAC industry, as they seriously need more ladies working as technicians. There’s good money involved I know, so I would definitely be proud. I just hope she wants to go that route for all the right reasons. I swear if this young man breaks my daughter’s heart, he’s going to regret it! I know that sometimes I’m a bit overprotective of my daughter, but that’s my baby girl. She means more than the world to me. This whole thing just threw me off guard. She hadn’t taken any serious interest in a lot of guys, just some casual dating here and there. This relationship seems to be a lot more serious for her. I’ll just take this by the day to see how things go with them. The good news is, the young man always gives us a huge discount on our HVAC maintenance now. Of course, if he hurts my daughter, that discount won’t save him!

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