I’m the manager of the gym

There were twenty people in the gym that day. It was July, in the height of summer, and the news said it was around one hundred degrees out. That is really hot, but it’s made even worse by the addition of a cramped space with twenty people who are sweating and exerting force and adding all that body heat to the mix. So, just turn on the air conditioner, right? Wrong. It was broken. I had never sweat more in my life than on that day. I swear I must have lost over thirty pounds of water in less than an hour. Eventually, some of us couldn’t take it anymore, so we had to do an internet search for the quickest available AC repairman we could find. A contractor, a serviceman, a repairman, a technician—it didn’t matter the title, we just needed someone, anyone, there to help us out. It was beginning to feel like an oven! They told the manager of the gym that it would take at least two hours before anyone could get there. AC repair is a costly and time consuming process, as it turns out – well, at least for our gym that day, anyway. They said it might need a vent cleaning as well, as there could be some obstruction that was causing the stalling of cool air in the ac unit. The manager of the gym didn’t care what was wrong, he just wanted the problem addressed and fixed. In any case, a couple hours later, the unit was cleaned and repaired. The second we heard the AC unit kick on and start to push cool air throughout the gym, it touched our ski and there was a collective sigh of relief from the entire room! I had never heard something like that before in my life. It was hilarious!

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