Our heating and air works

I need to either add more insulation or get a better furnace; The baseboards around my condo definitely don’t have enough insulation in them! During the Winter, I can suppose the chilly air leak from them, and my feet plus legs get so cold, and also, if I close any of the doors in the house, that room gets icy cold! I enjoy to have my study room door closed at night. It freaks myself and others out to leave the door open; Having is closed seals in the chilly air from the baseboards plus shuts out my gas fireplace. I think I might need to rip out all the baseboards plus re-insulate them; Or, I could get rid of my gas furnace plus get radiant floors. The flooring is what is chilly anyway. Having a heating system right where the concern part is would solve everything. I could install radiant floors in my study room plus close my door. The heated air would never rise to the ceiling plus be wasted, then radiant floors have no chilly spots plus don’t even make noise. I think I would love having electric radiant floors stretched all throughout the house. Removing plus setting up a new heating system would be quite the expense though. Honestly, it would be cheaper plus smarter to get more insulation. The task would certainly odor. Removing baseboards plus reinsulating is no fun! But, after all of that was done, the furnace in the condo should task better. I would not be warm in my study room, however I would not be chilly cold.

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