This is a lot to ask

My wife and I enjoy gardening very much. our front yard looks like a lush tropical landscape. We have banana trees, several different types of palm trees, and a few Live Oak. My wife has planted lilies, daisies, and several Wildflower species. We have many different colors like purple, pink, and a few different Hues of red. My wife and I have prize roses. We enter our roses in the yearly Fair. We won a blue ribbon a few years ago, and we have also received a few honorable mentions. Last month, my wife and I had a new A/C unit installed. We wanted to put A/C in the garage for a few years. When my wife retired, she wanted to start painting in the garage. We decided to install a ductless A/C unit. We contacted our HVAC provider and scheduled an appointment for a new ductless A/C installation. We have been using the same HVAC provider since buying our home 10 years ago. They have always been friendly, affordable, and punctual. When they were carrying the ductless A/C unit across the yard, it slipped from their hands and fell to the ground with a loud thud. Unfortunately, it Came Crashing Down on our prize roses. Most of the stems were broken in half and many flower petals were scattered on the ground. The HVAC provider profusely apologized for the mishap. My wife and I were very upset about the Roses, but accidents will happen. Luckily, The owner of the HVAC company gave us a discount on the ductless A/C, because of the situation.