My heater keeps giving me problems

Back in high school, my friends and I were on the math competition team. There was 6 of us on the team, and we traveled to different schools to compete in math competitions. It might sound boring to a lot of people, but my friends and I found math to be exhilarating. We studied algorithms and statistics all week, in order to prepare for our math competitions. During our senior Year, my friends and I were invited to participate in a huge math competition. The competition was held in a different state, and only invited teams were able to compete. Our school helped raise the necessary funds, so my teammates and I could attend the competition. It was a Thursday and Friday event, which meant my friends and I would stay in a hotel overnight. We had several chaperones attend the event as well. There was a chaperone and two students in each hotel room. My best friend Carol and I got to share a room. Carol’s mom was one of the chaperones, and she was a lot of fun. We arrive to our destination on Wednesday evening, hoping for a nice night of rest before our Morning competition. Unfortunately, the HVAC system had something different in mind. All night long, the HVAC system rumbled and groaned. Carol and I could barely sleep at all, because the HVAC system rattled all night long. We barely managed to sleep 3 hours, before the alarm sounded at six. Despite the noisy HVAC system and lack of sleep, my team and I scored third highest out of 27 teams.

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