My central air unit

When I was ten, I built a spaceship out of some old, discarded equipment from a salvage yard that was behind my house. I used to go there all the time to play and find cool things to play with. One day, I found the tubes and square hallways of an old, super large HVAC system just propped up on a pile of useless junk. I remember being there for hours, trying to collect all the pieces of that air conditioning system so I could make the coolest spaceship ever. There are moments when you’re a kid that even the discarded carcass of a HVAC system, it’s tubes and linings and all that, can suddenly turn into the world’s greatest and most technologically advanced spacecraft. No level of air conditioner repair could help, but that was okay – this was not an air conditioner, or an HVAC, or a central heating unit, or anything like that – it was a spacecraft capable of faster than light travel. No service technician, no repairman for ac units necessary – no, I would need a space technician, an engineer of the highest degree. Even with discarded things, with debris that are left to the wayside, one can always find another use for it. Even if it’s an old HVAC system, your imagination can always turn it into something new, something fresh. That’s the power of thought and imagination, after all. Even to this day, I still collect old, useless junk like that cooling unit – you never know where and when you might use it. You never know when you’ll become a kid again.

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