Our home is very hot

Ever since I was 17, my friends and I would pool our money together to make our annual mecca to the beach. The second summer was over, we would start saving money. Even when we were too young to have bank accounts, we would keep change in piggy banks and try to make more money doing whatever odd jobs or extra work around town that needed doing. Then we would get my oldest brother to book our hotel room for us, since he was the only one of age to do it. My parents always thought we were crazy, because we would book our rooms at the same old motel on the water. This place always had a vacancy as long as you booked in the spring, because no one wanted to stay in a motel with no central air conditioning. My mom especially did not understand why we wanted to leave our nice house with central air heating and cooling just to go spend a weekend in a shoddy motel. But the motel didn’t matter because we barely slept anyway. We spent that weekend every summer on the beach until sunrise. In the morning we would sun tan and relax, then in the afternoon we would take our swim when it got too hot to handle. In the evening, we would go up and down the beach and join parties. One year we even snuck into a dance club and stayed till closing. The motel’s air conditioning didn’t mean a thing to us, every beach trip was the adventure of the year.

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