This building is awesome

I have been known as everyone’s favorite grandpa for nearly 40 years. This is because I have run an accounting firm out of my house for just as long. When I started, I was working in my kitchen. My pantry had a secure filing cabinet for my clients and I would work one on one with everyone in my neighborhood. The folks who came to me loved that I gave everyone the same care and attention, regardless if they were just filing personal taxes or had to file for multiple businesses and properties. I’ve always believed that everyone deserves the same great level of service, no matter how much money I am making from their time. This is why I’ve been able to leave that kitchen and grow my accounting firm with office space for rent in Batavia NY. This area is not so far from home that my neighbors don’t know where to come see me, yet it’s also far enough from home that I can get a little space from my job. Now that I have my own professional outside of the house, my old home office in the basement has become a pool room and bar area. I was so worried with the office space for rent in Batavia NY that I would lose business, rather than grow it. But as it turns out, my unique marketing approach and excellent customer service continues to stand to the test of time. Now my customers leave excellent reviews on my website, so I get new folks coming in all the time. Once they’ve worked with me or one my friendly tax associates, they’re eager to tell their friends about the folks who worked to save them money regardless of our own paychecks.

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