This will help my situation

I broke up with my boyfriend over air conditioning. AC might not seem like a big enough deal to separate over, but it was. My ex was always sort of selfish. When we went out, we always went where he wanted, saw the movie he picked out and went home when he was tired. I got sick of it after awhile. How selfish he was with our thermostat was the last straw though. I think he naturally ran hot. The home always had the AC pumping at full blast. My ex-boyfriend loved having heavy amounts of AC hitting him at night especially. He would bury himself under the covers to where only his nose was out. I hated the amount of air conditioning. I could not sleep at night with the heavy covers and icy air. I didn’t even ask for heating, I just wanted less cooling in the house. It got to the point where everyday I had to wear pants, long sleeves and socks. Anytime I went outside, I had to change what I was wearing. The indoor air temperature was that different from our inside temperature. I talked to my ex over and over again about coming up with a middle temperature we would both like. Well, apparently compromise was not a big thing for him growing up. He said he would never change having AC during the day and especially at night. So, I finally packed up my stuff and left. I have to say, it is nice controlling the thermostat for once in my life.

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