Going on a big shopping trip

Each year my mom goes on one of the senior citezen trips to the Amish Country. This year she wanted me to go along with her.  It was taking place the end of November just after Thanksgiving. Normally I go Black Friday shopping so I figured it was time to do something different.  I could pick up some handmade items for people for Christmas and spend time with mom too. We had to meet at the tour bus by 7:30am and it was a freezing cold day.  I as very glad that the bus was nice and warm. As the bus started to fill up the air got hotter and it felt very stuffy. We asked the driver to turn down the heat but that didn’t help much either. Even though I was thankful it was warm I didn’t want to sweat for the next three hours.  The trip was more frustrating than exciting. Each stop was timed and we would get off, shop in cold barns and roadside shops, all the while freezing, then pile back on the bus with our purchases. We would be sweating before we got to the next stop. I love my mom and I was very glad to spend time with her but I suggested taking our own road trip next time.  We could travel comfortably in our own vehicle, control the heat to our liking, and spend as much time at a shop as we wanted. I told her that I would even spring for lunch because we would be making a day of it. I get that she likes the trips with all of her older friends but I definitely have no plans of joining them again.

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