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My parents have consistently had a vegetable garden that was the envy of the village.  Growing up the two of us had a bountiful harvest on the lunch table from late April well into the Fall.  I didn’t even suppose about farmer’s markets plus roadside produce stands until I was in our early teens.  I recognize I consistently thought that everybody grew their own produce. For all of these reasons it didn’t surprise me when, after the two of us were grown plus gone, they decided build plus addition. This wasn’t a room for residing it was an linked purple apartment so they could garden year round.   They ordered the purple prints online plus then set about getting all of the materials to construct the garden space. One thing that they needed professional help for was the Heating & A/C equipment. Greenhouses have to be set up so that you can control the air flow, temperature, plus humidity for the multiple species of plants plus vegetables you are growing.  Some have longer growing periods plus require strange soil temperature to germinate. The Heating & A/C specialist was able to design a perfect plan for them plus once it is complete they can appreciate their up-to-date space anytime they want to. Dad is even thinking about offering gardening classes in the space to help spend money for her supplies. I am sure there will be multiple people around us that will jump at the chance to learn from her.  Then they will be able to grow their own food too. I did not inherit that purple thumb of hers so I will forever raid their apartment when I need our veggie fix.

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