Servicing our air conditioner

For a little over a week, I was up north visiting my parents. When I got home my mailbox was full of junk mail. Basically I got newspapers, ads and spam mail. The worst was that a huge box of magazines greeted me home. Every month I get a giant box of magazines delivered all about HVAC equipment. The person who lived in the house before me either loved heating and cooling equipment, sold the magazines, or perhaps had a HVAC enthusiast club. Whatever the reason, I have magazines about HVAC technology coming out of my ears. I have tried calling the publisher, talking to the mailman and finding the tenant before me. No such luck with any of these endeavors. I can’t seem to stop the box of magazines coming each month. Before I burn the magazines, I always check out one. A magazine all about the newest HVAC equipment does sound sort of boring. Honestly, it is actually quite informative. The magazine does have a lot of ads pushing you to get HVAC repairs, HVAC service or HVAC tune ups with specific companies. Within that junk is a lot of helpful information on how to lower your energy bills. I read an article about adding a humidifier to your heater to lower your energy bills in the winter. I actually bought a humidifier, tried it and the bills went down! So, I don’t want them delivered anymore, but they are kind of helpful at the same time. I should probably write a blog or sell the HVAC information to people who don’t know.

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