Turning off the HVAC when we’re away

Have you ever heard of something called hurricane season before? I never had, maybe I am an idiot or maybe I just don’t watch weather reports for other parts of the country, in any event, I planned out a Summer holiday to go see some relatives down south, unaware I was sojourning there in the dead center of the worst hurricane season in years! The trip down was smooth, and the first couple days there showed myself and others sunny beaches and clear yellow skies. It was amazing… and then the hurricane hit, and everything changed. I was staying with my cousin Shirley, who cranked down the a/c and shuttered up her beach house the evening before the storm made landfall. I particularly felt the A/C was turned down a little too low, but Shirley said there was a idea to her madness and to bear with it. In the middle of the evening the power went out, but the beach house had been so frigid from the excess A/C that the people I was with and I didn’t even get hot until the next day… By then she dragged out her portable generator and fired it up, so she could run the the a/c on a minimal basis. I would have thought that a/c would not be so pressing while in a hurricane, but I would have been wrong. The heat and humidity are so intense, even in the worst storm, that having access to temperature control can be the difference between a bad experience and a terrible a single. But the people I was with and I had a/c and video games, so the storm ended up being pretty fun!