I needed utility bills to be paid

Every Thursday and Sunday night I work at a food bank; A food bank is sort of like a soup study room, however instead of just making meals for people both of us also donate food to local charities, who help us get the supplies out to the people who need it most, but it’s not like the homeless can drive across town to our food bank, so both of us try and get out there as much as possible; Last year both of us also added an overnight shelter to the food bank. It is only open on night when the weather is frosty, or close to frosty, and on these night both of us open the shelter, which is filled with cots, blankets, and a few space heaters. It is not a night at the Ritz Carlton, however it has the heating the shelter they need to stay alive through the lethal weather; Thankfully around here both of us only get a few weeks of cooling weather each year, so both of us don’t need to open the shelter undoubtedly often. One o the local churches gave us a half dozen space heaters, and another charity gave us the cots. All both of us need to do is supply the space, and pay the energy bills for the heating. This does not amount of much money, these space furnaces are absolutely undoubtedly energy efficient. Every one of us have enough cots and enough furnaces both of us are thinking about opening some other shelters around other parts of town. Every one of us have the beds and the heating, now all both of us need is someone to donate the space where both of us can set up.

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