I’m focused on the exterior

Most of the folks on my block agree – we have the nicest lawn and house of everyone in it! That’s simply due to my consistent upkeep employed to maintain the most pristine and well-manicured lawn you’ve ever seen. I also make a point to trim hedges, remove weeds and ensure flower arrangements look just the way I’d want. To top it off, I make sure that my car is consistently clean and litterless. All I want is to have the nicest looking place wherever I live. Ambitious, I know, but I’m an overachiever! It’s a different beast when it comes to indoor quality though. Sure, I keep it looking nice, clean and proper, but there are some recurring concerns with particular traits of the home. The dishwasher does a terrible job at cleaning dishes perfectly, so having to go over them again with a sponge and soap is inevitable. As well, the heating and air conditioning gives a mediocre performance at best. I do my best at keeping up with the air filter changes, on both the heating and AC units, but it simply doesn’t do the trick I need it to perform! Eventually, I’ll have to call out a Heating and Air Conditioning professional to look at it, but for now I’m just focusing on the exterior of the house.

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