Talking with my therapist

I love going to eat burgers all the time! If there is a fast food joint in town or in a city, I will go there to check it out! I found this one opened up in my local town recently so went to try it. And wow! When I walked in there it was steaming like a huge furnace! That is putting it lightly! It was like their heating and cooling system was broken down or something. The air quality indoors was totally awful, the place was packed with idiots too. I do not think i’ve seen so many idiots in my life, gathered in one place! I was getting a very bad feeling about this burger joint. I mean, they could not even have a decent working heating and cooling system for the place, the air quality was terrible, and to boot, there were so many low life people in here! Just to be sure before I walked out of this place in anger and disgust, I asked one of the workers what was going on with the air conditioning system and the terrible air quality. The told me that their HVAC system had overheated, and that the main condenser is out. He said there was a heating and cooling specialist on the way later that day from the local heating and cooling business. Well, that was enough for me! I was totally out of this rat hole. I later found out that their food was as awful as the air quality. So really good thing I did not eat anything there! Would have been a nightmare and hours in the bathroom!

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