This system doesn’t really work

To my knowledge, the two of us have the nicest lake house in the area. Both of us consistently keep the most pristine, well-manicured lawn, and that’s because we consistently take care of the way it looks. As well, we make sure that our vehicles are always clean – there’s rarely any traces of litter anywhere in our household or our cars! Our wishes are to simply have the nicest, most appealing habitat surrounding where we live. The inside of our house, however, is a different story altogether. While the two of us keep it looking nice, clean and proper, there are some issues with a few bizarre aspects of it. For instance, the dishwasher doesn’t really clean our dishes as intended. Almost always, we have to go over them a second time. The heating and a/c doesn’t exactly give us a four-star performance, either, even though the two of us keep up with the air filter changes on both the heating and A/C systems. For reasons unknown to us, it simply doesn’t cool or warm the way it should. Eventually, the two of us will have to call a Heating & Air Conditioning professional to look at it, but for now the we’re just going to keep focusing on the exterior of the house. As long as everything looks under control, our neighbors will be none the wiser!

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