The air vents in my home

When I was growing up, I used to go every weekend to visit my Grandparents in the city, and stay throughout the weekend, but it was nice visiting with them every weekend because my Grandma would make honestly nice food, and I would watch a lot of cable with my Grandpa. It was honestly the best of times being young and free like that, but the a single thing I typically will remember is the window air conditioning component they had in the family room area that was so powerful, the air conditioning would flow right out into the dining room. They had a tiny little row current home in the city, so it was kind of like an apartment, in a way. I remember on hot summer time afternoons I would lounge out in the recliner chair they had in the dining room and prefer the fresh smell and suppose of the cool air from the sizable window air conditioning unit. It is truly strenuous to describe the way the air quality smelled and felt with this sizable window air conditioning component they had. If it was not back in the day, I would swear the window air conditioning component had an air purification system or some kind of media air purification system, however but back then, these things did not exist yet, but just enjoyable old fashioned and straight air conditioning coming from a truly large window unit. I will typically cherish these afternoons as long as I live, and nothing can ever replace them. Weekend visits and the air conditioning of the day. What a memory it is for me!